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flac converter Listening to the music in FLAC format is usually preferable for users whose main requirement is excellent sound quality. Indeed, FLAC, being a lossless compression audio format, provides top-quality of sounding among digital music formats. It allows to save multi-channel sound streams (up to 8 channels). It is free and has no limitations in use. However, there are a range of shortcomings that sometimes make users look for other alternatives. These shortcomings include:
  1. -Big FLAC file size: five minute track may be about 30 MB in size
  2. -Limited software compatibility: a lot of software applications do not support this format
  3. -Limited hardware compatibility: most of portable players and stereo systems do not have default FLAC support.

Removing all these shortages is easy with the help of audio converter. You can always convert FLAC tracks to other music formats that will be supported by your player. Setting the highest audio parameters for converted files you will minimize the loss of quality. Compared with FLAC format, MP3 or AAC requires a few times less memory space for encoding the same music track (at the highest audio parameters). You will need a reliable FLAC converter for correct and high-quality music processing. Factory Audio Converter perfectly suits these requirements.

Factory Audio Converter supports all popular music formats, and you can convert your FLAC files to any of the following file types: WMA, MP3, OGG, MPC, WAV, AAC, MP4, APE.

This utility can convert FLAC in batch that means you can process all FLAC source file in one click. It is very convenient for converting music albums. What is more, you donít need spend a lot of time for forming source file list. It is enough to check out required sources from the file list. All features are comfortable visualized in a handy user interface. Test this easy but very useful converter right now!

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