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image converter GIF was the most popular format for web graphic, it can contain either static or animated graphics. It was widely used, when download speeds were slow and there was a need to represent online graphics in maximally compact format. Currently GIF is superseded by PNG and JPG that provide compact file size alongside with proficient compression algorithms. Using image converter with support of different formats you can convert GIF graphics to newer formats, if GIF is not suitable for your needs. In such a way you can extend the area of use for your outdated GIF files.

Factory Image Converter provides big number of conversion modes. It is all-in-one converter that supports the most of today’s popular formats. With its help you can convert images from GIF to one of the following formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, TGA, PXM.

In total there are 10 graphic formats that are supported by Factory Image Converter. Regardless of what format you choose for converting GIF files, the procedure of conversion will be the same. It consists of these steps:

  1. Choose a folder that contains required sources.
  2. Checkmark GIF files that you want to convert.
  3. Select target format.
  4. Adjust GIF converter setting proper conversion parameters.

After this you just need to press Start button and get files converted in a few seconds. Factory Image Converter provides you with ability to convert GIF in batch – many images by one command. As quickly as you convert a single file, you can process tens or even hundreds of images at once. This helps to save your time and get all files converted with the same formatting settings.

Use Factory Image Converter for turning your GIF files to JPEG, PNG, PDF images with ease! Find the updated version here.

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