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Factory Image Converter can has most handy option of cropping as much as you like.


Photograph is a very funny and exciting process. But not always you have a success doing it. But still you have the chance to correct some bad photos to make them more attractive and informative.

Often a shooting object takes little place in the picture area and does not look well after printing. In such cases you need to keyframe picture to highlight the main object. Keyframing is a method to cut off all unnecessary or unwanted details from the picture. You can reach it by using a Crop tool.

In traditional photography such problems can be resolved during the printing phase by adjusting a photographic enlarger or printing press and at the same time a shooting object can be enlarged. If you decide to enlarge a digital image you have to be ready to loose an image quality. In other words a digital image has very strict enlarge limitations. That is why you can only Crop scan or photo image making it better. But you have to keep in mind the size of the selected area. It can't be too small otherwise you also will loose quality during printing. So you can Crop photos from camera which has 3,2 and more pixels. There is a lot of software which may help you. Cropping an image remember that Width mustn't be lower than 1200 pxls and Height 800 pxls for horizontal image. Now you see the result and can extend your photo album with a new interesting photo.

Here is an example of the process of keyframing:

How can I crop my photo? (add link to howto article)

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