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Convert MP3 to AAC

Some people prefer MP3, others convert to AAC. We have already discussed that in MP3 vs. AAC, or what is the best lossy format article. But if you decided to stick to AAC here is a step-by-step instruction on how to convert MP3 to AAC.

The main window of Factory Audio Converter looks like that. You select the folder with MP3s on the left and the tracks are displayed on the right. You tick the ones you want to convert and press AAC button.


Then pops up a small window. This is the wizard of the program. It consists of 4 steps: Destination, Combine, Quality and Start Conversion. You walk through all the steps and fill in your settings.

The first one is Destination. Here you set the destination path and file names. By default Factory Audio Converter sets the current path, but changes the filename.mp3 to filename.aac. As we selected several tracks to be converted the wizard shows the destination folder only. Besides, if you typed another path you can switch back to the current path pressing that little button with arrow.


Then goes Combine step. It lets you combine the whole album into one file. Sometimes it's handy to get one AAC file out of ten MP3 files.

After that you set the quality of your output AAC files. The higher quality you set the more in size AAC file will be.

The last step summarizes all your settings. If you do not want to change anything press Start button.

Find the newly created AAC files in the folder that you set in Destination step.

Factory Audio Converter is not only a professional audio solution. It is also very affordable due to our Fair Pricing policy.

For the purchase I made, the process of downloading and your site, I really have no comment to make, everything went perfectly. Thank you and have a nice day.
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