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Converting MP4 files is not an issue any more. Todayís software industry offers a new kind of audio converter, which converts to and from MP4 with little effort on your side. The tool features a handy user interface with all options and buttons readily observable, so you do not have to be a a file conversion expert to handle it.

By aid of Factory Audio Converter, you can convert MP4 to more than 30 audio formats, as well as files of any of these formats to MP4. It operates quickly and does not require a lot of effort on your side.

How to Convert MP4?

Free and easy! All you need to do is select your files to be converted and specify the target format. Hereís what you need to do:
  1. Run the utility.
  2. Select the folder from the file tree on the left.
  3. Specify the file to be converted.
  4. Select the target format.
  5. Follow the wizardís instructions and adjust conversion parameters.
  6. Click Convert.

What you should pay attention to are the options offered by the wizard. Here you can:

  • Select destination.
  • Combine your tracks into one if you want.
  • Adjust output quality.
  • Save part of a lengthy track in any format by setting start time and end time.

You may skip it and use the default settings. If you would like to make your own adjustments, try it on some file that is not dear to you. It takes a bit of time and effort to figure out your preferred sound quality.

This MP4 converter integrates into the right-button popup menu and permits you to convert from the desktop. Command line support enables you to manage your audio files from within any other program. By aid of the CD ripper, you can grab audio from CD and save it in MP4 and other formats. The program supports more than 30 audio formats and is second to none in versatility.

Our pricing is clear and concise, so you can purchase the tool online. Use the free 30-day trial version to see how it works. Registered users will receive free tech support and upgrades on a regular basis.

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