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flac converter MPC is a free format for lossless audio conversion. It provides much better file size compression compared with FLAC or WAV, saving high sounding quality. A lot of experts consider MPC as one of the best lossless music formats. Its software support is provided by a range of available codec packs. But MPC has big limitations in hardware support. A lot of users face the situation when MPC files are not played on portable players or smartphones. However you can easily solve this problem. All you need an MPC converter. With its help you can export your MPC music collection to any other audio format. If you are looking for ideal solution, take a look at Factory Audio Converter.

Why is it ideal? Because this MPC Converter perfectly suits your needs, providing all features necessary for top-quality music conversion. Its benefits include:

  • adjustable audio parameters: it will allow you to find the golden middle between sound quality and file size compression.
  • Wide range of formats for conversion: it is always better to have a range of available formats to choose from (for different devices, quality, etc.).
  • Ability to convert MPC in batch: you donít want to spend the whole day converting a few hundred of your MPC files one by one.
  • In-built player: you can always find required track and check the results of conversion.

Among available formats for compression are MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG and many others. Each format is fully adjustable Ė you choose audio settings you need. For inexperienced users the program offers default conversion settings that provide the result similar to origin. Moreover, Factory Audio Converter has free trial period during which you can test all its functionality and ensure in excellent compression efficiency. It is easy enough even for a novice, but functional enough for professional!

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