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What is MRW?

Image Format Description

MRW is the file extension for the Minolta RAW image file format. Raw image files are much like film negatives of traditional chemical photography. They contain all the data required in order for an image to be processed. Each digital camera uses its own proprietary raw format. MRW is the proprietary raw image file format used by Konica Minolta digital cameras (Canon uses CRW format, Nikon uses NEF format, Olympus uses ORF format). In 2006, Sony took over Minolta from Konica, so now the MRW format is restricted to the older Konica Minolta, as Sony Minolta uses its own proprietary raw file format.

The MRW file stores data in an uncompressed format. In other words, the data is stored in the file is exactly the way it came from the CCD detector in the camera. Besides the image data, the file also contains other information like when the picture was taken, the color tones, and so on. Once the image is saved on the computer, all this information can be easily edited using special software.

MRW files may be opened using Adobe Photoshop CS and Pholix PhotoPhilia on Microsoft Windows, and Adobe Photoshop CS and Apple Aperture iPhoto 5 or later on Mac OS. Factory Image Converter can convert MRW files to more popular image formats (JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, etc.)

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