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Create Your Own Audio CDs To Take Music To The Car

Terrible traffic jams and eco problems do not prevent us from buying new cars. More cars lead to more traffic jams and we spend more time in the car. So the first task is to make our cars comfortable. Good chairs and favourite music can do wonders;)

So let's create your own audio CD with the music you like best. Most car players support CDA, MP3 and WAV files. CDA files can be found on any commercial CD purchased. MP3 and WAV can be purchased online or created out of other audio formats.

Case 1. You have a digital collection of music in different formats.
Solution: Convert your tracks to MP3 with Factory Audio Converter. Then burn an audio CD with free built-in Windows CD burner.

Case 2. You have several CDs and want to create your own CD with the selected songs.
Solution: First, get MP3 out of your physical CDs. Insert a disc and launch Factory Audio Converter. Select Rip CD option. Factory Audio Converter will most accurately rip your CDs to MP3. (Here is Detailed instruction on how to rip CD to MP3). Second you burn the resulting MP3s to a CD.

Two easy ways to enjoy the music of YOUR choice in the car.

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