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orf converter This ORF converter is outstanding in terms of versatility and user friendliness. Thanks to intuitive interface, you can simply read it, providing you have set the goal. This is but the only converter, which supports ORF raw image format plus a variety of both raw and standard image formats. If you have an Olympus cam, you do not need to worry about converting your images any more. Just put all your raw files in a single folder, so that you can access it any time using this image converter and convert your files to ICO, PDF, BMP, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, RAW, PXM, TGA, PCX.

Apart from conversion, this program offers a kit of editing options. You can rotate, resize, crop and watermark your ORF images. Besides, it features a built-in viewer, so you can visualize your images prior to conversion. You won’t see any drastic difference in quality between your source and target files.

Batch function allows you to convert up to 500 images in one go. This is extremely convenient, so you can launch conversion and go to bed. When you wake up, all the files will be converted.

How to Convert ORF

If you have a lot of ORF files, here is the Olympus Raw Format converter you have been looking for. Run the converter and use the folder tree. Click on the folder with ORF files and navigate the file list. If you do not remember the file name, switch to thumbnail mode and find the right image(s). Check-mark the ORF files, which you need to convert. To convert ORF in batch, use then Check all option below. All the raw files will be check-marked. Use the editing options mentioned above. Select the target format using the toolbar or Convert menu. Do what the wizard recommends you to do. You can either go the default way or adjust it in your fashion. When the settings are made, click Start and wait until the program completes conversion.

If you wish to just check if things are that easy, download the free version. You can convert images for 30 days using it. If you have bought the license version, you will have no tech support problems..

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