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pdd converter If you process images in Adobe PhotoDeluxe application, most likely you save them in PDD format that is not supported by any other software except PhotoDeluxe and Photoshop. If you want to make them compatible with other programs or share images online so that anyone could view them, convert them into other formats using PDD converter. This software tool is intended for turning PDD files into various formats, making them suitable for any desired purpose. Such tool is Factory Image Converter that supports PDD as a source format.

This utility can export PDD images to JPEG, GIF, PNG and a range of other graphic file types. It not only transfers graphics correctly, it also allows customize the target format by the extended range of settings. In such a way with the help of this image converter you can get converted files modifying them in the way you need. Standard settings include:

  • Destination
  • Size
  • Rotation
  • Crop
  • Colour scheme
  • Compression/Quality

Depending on the chosen target format, there also can be options of transparency, paper format, document properties (for PDF), etc. When you convert PDD in batch, the specified settings are applied to all files in a batch. In such a way you save your time on making settings once for all files. Factory Image Converter offers an alternative way of converting files with the help of command line parameters. It is convenient for users who are used to launch applications from the command line or just need to run conversions in background mode. It is as easy as using graphic interface, all parameters are described in Help menu.

You are free to try this functional PDD batch converter without any payments, using trial versions. At any moment

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