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What is PVF?

Audio Format Description

PVF, which is an acronym for Portable Voice Format, is an intermediate format used by mgetty-voice, or vgetty. Mgetty is a collection of programs used to send and receive faxes in a unix environment. Mgetty-voice, also called vgetty, is mgetty’s extension that works with voice capable modems and processes incoming voice calls.

The PVF format is only an intermediate format. In other words, it cannot be used on its own. It is only used to change one format to another using PVF tools, which must be installed and configured in order to convert. This is how it works –

An incoming call is recorded and saved in a voice capable modem (answering machine) in one of the more common audio files like WAV or VOC. The installed PVF tools convert these files to PVF. When the saved voice message is to be played back, the tools convert these PVF files to the modem specific format. Only then are the voice messages played back.

In short, a PVF file is a link between the voice format in which the message is saved and the format in which it is played back.

User-friendly PVF Converter

  • PVF to WAV in batch
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  • PVF to AAC in batch
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