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Factory Audio Converter is a new kind of audio converter, which supports about 30 audio formats and converts PVF and many other file types to MP3, MP4, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AAC, APE, WAV, MPC.

The program has an intuitively laid-out interface and a number of advanced features, which include an audio player, CD ripper, command line option, and batch option.

What is PVF?

PVF (Portable Voice Format) is an intermediate audio file format used by mgetty and vgetty kits of utilities intended for exchanging fax calls. In fact, incoming calls are saved in WAV or VOC, and it takes a number of utilities to convert these files to PVF. PVF files cannot be played back by aid of commonly used players. In order to reproduce a PVF file, one should use the mgetty tools to convert it to the format specified by the modem.

How to Convert PVF

convert pvfFactory Audio Converter can be used as a PVF converter. Because players do not read PVF files, this converter comes in really handy when it comes to converting them. In order to convert PVF to one of the target formats supported by the tool, run it and click on the folder with PVF files contained in it. Check one or more files manually or click Select All to have them check-marked automatically. Click on your preferred target format in the format bar on top of the interface or in the Format menu.

The wizard will help you select your destination folder, sample rate, bit rate and channel. These parameters determine the sound quality. Use the built-in audio player to ensure good sound quality. Click Start to launch conversion. Factory Audio Converter can be run from within other programs via command line. Besides, it integrates into Windows and permits you to convert your PVF files from the desktop. All you need to do is right-click on a PVF file, select Convert to and follow the procedure described above.

Factory Audio Converter is available online. You can either purchase it right now or download the free 30-day trial version. Registered users will receive technical support and upgrades for free.

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