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What Is PXM Converter?

pxm converter Lately, Apple products have become more and more popular, resulting in a growing number of Mac users. If you are one of them, you certainly know about PXM format. PXM is raster image format used by Pixelmator, a specialized image editing program for Mac OS X. This format is, which means that it does not lose quality when saved. If you own a Mac, you can use Pixelmator to export PXM files to more standard image formats.

However, if you are using Windows OS, you will need to get additional software to view PXM files. This software is known as PXM converter or image converter and can help you change the format of images without any quality losses. If you are looking for a high-quality program that is designed to convert PXM, consider trying Factory Image Converter by My Format Factory. This tool is designed specifically for converting PXM images into and from this format. You might ask: Why should I prefer this converter to any other? Well, here are a few reasons:

And hereís why. Unlike many online programs, Factory Image Converter gives you an opportunity to convert PXM in batch. You can select up to 10000 files and process them in no time. Then Factory Image Converter is very easy to use. It features simple interface, built-in wizard and free online how-to articles, all of which make the process of mastering Factory Image Converter quick and easy.

Besides Factory Image Converter is multi-functional. It can be used to convert, as well as to edit files. Rotate, crop and resize images, add watermarks and much more!

On top of that, this image converter supports dozens of formats. The list of supported input formats includes over three dozen items, while the list of supported output formats includes 18 items.

Factory Image Converter is very affordable. It can be purchased for just under $20! Finally, Factory Image Converter can be used for free for 1 month! Simply get your free trial version of the program and make sure itís worth it.

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