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Audio playerYou purchased a new CD of your favorite band - congratulations! But you have several reasons to rip it:
  • listen to the tracks on your iPod or other player
  • make a digital backup of your physical CD (you'd better use lossless formats for that)
  • create your own audio CD with only those tracks that you like
To put it simple music is stored on commercial CDs in a particular way. You can not copy it to your hard drive like any other info. All you get is CDA files which cannot be played as they contain only info about tracks. To get the actual music from CD you should rip it. There are plenty of CD rippers available in the market. But it doesn't make much sense to pay for a CD ripper without any additional options that you will need. A CD ripper and an audio converter and a player could be a good deal:)

Factory Audio Converter converts all kinds of audio files. Besides, it has built-in ripper that allows you to get the music from your CD to your computer in any format - lossy or lossless (MP3, WAV, WMA, APE, MPC, FLAC, OGG). You may rip entire CD or pick a few songs. You can set the bitrate and samplerate you need. You can listen to the resulting song in the built-in audio player. So you have plenty of freedom to get the music you want for $5.

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