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image converter Converting TGA files is the easiest way to make them compatible with viewers and editors that do not support this graphic format by default. This file type provides excellent conversion quality, however it is not suitable for sharing graphics online or processing it in different design applications. If you faced the same problems, Factory Image Converter can help you. This image converter is able to turn your TGA files to JPEG, TIFF, PNG images, correctly exporting all graphic elements to a new format.

This efficient converter is created special for extending the flexibility of graphics, changing file formats with no loss in quality of images. Using Factory Image Converter you will be able to:

  1. Export image files to one of 10 supported formats;
  2. Quickly convert TGA in batch;
  3. Adjust the output formatting parameters;
  4. Compress images to cut file size;
  5. Make conversions via command line.
This converter features efficient graphic interface that makes the process very easy even for inexperienced user. However, you can work with it using command line parameters, very easy to operate by. You can convert images either via GUI or command line, all its features are available in both modes. Besides this, you can convert separate file via its context menu. This TGA converter is integrated there after installation. So you can convert files right from the desktop, with no need to enable the program.

Factory Image Converter is extremely useful for converting many files. If you have a big TGA storage and need to export it to JPEG or PDF, you can do this in one minute. Just make up a batch of files for conversion, choose the format and make required settings once for all files. This will help to convert all files setting the same paper format, compression methods and other formatting. Download Factory Image Converter to convert images easily, spending minimum of your time.

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