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TIFF converter TIFF format is one of the most widely used today due to its extended facilities and wide support by different image processing application. However, it is rather weighty and not convenient for online sharing or storing big amounts of files locally. If you would like to make more compact copies of your TIFF images will minimal loss in quality, use Factory Image Converter. This TIFF converter offers 10 conversion modes, such as:

  • TIFF to JPEG
  • TIFF to GIF
  • TIFF to PNG
  • TIFF to PDF
  • TIFF to PGA
  • TIFF to ICO

Each conversion mode is enabled in the same way. You just select source files for conversion and target format. After this a settings window will pop up, where you can do all conversion settings. When choosing sources, please take into account that the program can process only images from one folder and its subfolders. That is why it is reasonable to locate all sources in one folder before you convert TIFF in batch. Batch conversion means processing many files as one. For Factory Image Converter it doesn’t matter how many files are converted at once.

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For proper graphics processing, you can modify the format of initial images by resizing them, cropping unnecessary margins and rotating. This feature is available for all TIFF batch converter modes, regardless of target format. A range of target formats offer compression and adjustable colour scheme, as well as transparency option. You can set these parameters manually or apply settings by default.

The image converter features excellent graphic interface, where each required action is clear. It is a suitable image converter for inexperienced novices, who know little about image formatting and have no skills in conversions. However, pro users will appraise its quickness and irreproachable conversion quality.

Download Factory Image Converter here. If you would like to check it before purchasing, run a free trial version.

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