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wmf converter Storing images in WMF is typical for Windows users, as this format was specially developed for this operating system. It is vector graphic file type that contains code description of image. When launched by some application, the image is built from this code. Using WMF converter you can make such images compatible with any graphic processing software in any OS. If you have problems with reading WMF images by your programs, use Factory Image Converter to solve them easily and quickly.

This image converter has a range of advantages compared with similar solutions:

  • It can convert WMF in batch
  • It processes batches very quickly
  • It supports all popular graphic formats for conversion
  • It offers adjustable settings for each target format
  • It supports conversions from the command line

Converting files in batch means processing many files by one command. It is essentially useful if you need to convert big number of WMF pictures and have little time for this. The easiest way to do this includes the following steps:

  1. Locate all sources in one folder.
  2. Choose this folder in ‘Select Folder’ section of the image converter interface.
  3. Click ‘Check All’ item in ‘Select Files’ menu. All files will be checkmarked as sources.
  4. Select required conversion format in ‘Convert To’ section.
  5. Make settings and press ‘Start!’

As a result all files will be converted in a few clicks. There is no quicker WMF batch converter than Factory Image Converter. After conversion is finished, you will be able to check the results, as a folder with converted images will be automatically opened. If needed, you can automatically delete originals after conversion, checkmarking the option of the same name in settings window. Factory Image Converter is easy enough for inexperienced users, but provides extended feature list for professional

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