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Factory Doc Converter will convert DOC and DOCX to PDF for you in 3 simple steps.

Why To Convert Doc To PDF

The idea of paperless office has been the dream of many people for years. But it's not so easy to abandon paper and use electronic documents only. The first thing is to set the single standard of the files. Today the known leader is Portable Document Format (PDF) introduced in 1993 by Adobe Systems.

PDF has many advantages. First, there is a free Acrobat Reader to view PDF files which works on all platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris). It's hard to find a computer without PDF Reader in the office today as PDF has become the de-facto standard of all kinds of documents, user manuals, etc. Unfortunately to edit PDF files one has to buy Adobe Acrobat.

Another fat advantage of PDF for the document workflow in the office is that full control of the documents. You can encrypt PDF files, protect it with a password or forbid certain actions like editing or printing. Besides, PDF files are very compact and can be easily sent via email.

Suppose you chose PDF as the standard for your office documents. But most certainly you have lots of old documnts in Word (.DOC). To comply with new standard you have to convert them to PDF.

There is a solution from Adobe - on-line service. But it costs $9.99/month or $99.99/year and is only available in the U.S. and Canada.

There are some on-line services that convert DOC to PDF but they are good if you have a few files only. The common example is FastPDF. You pay $2.19 for each conversion. If you have to convert your last year's documents you have to find a better solution.

The more files you have the less enjoyable work you face. So the most important thing is batch mode - so that you could set the folder with DOC files, press Convert to PDF and leave the program do the job. Second, the quality of the output PDF files should be high enough. Third, there should be an option of adding properties information to the PDF files (such as Author, Creator, Title, Subject, Keywords).

Factory Doc Converter meets all these conditions. It has the batch mode, converts Doc files to PDF very accurately and allows you to set properties. Besides, Factory Doc Converter is very reliable. You set the task and forget about it until the job is done.

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