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My Format Factory
Factory Image Converter will convert, resize, rotate and watermark any photo for you in 3 simple steps.

Why Shall I Use Image Converter?

Many people just are unaware of such software as image converters. Poor things. There are many cases when using an image converter/resizer/cropper can save a lot of time and effort.

Today we mostly deal with digital photos. The original size of the JPEG photo is 2 - 3 Mb. That's ok when you have one photo, but 10 of them are hard to be sent via email or uploaded to the web. It's far more convenient to resize them unless you want to print your files. Flickr and services like that do not have very strict limits today, but it's frustrating to wait for 30 minutes while your large files are being uploaded. Resized JPEGs can be several times smaller in size but still look good in the web.

All those LinkedIn, Ecademy and other networking services require a photo. And most of us have photos with other people or even pets. Crop option will help you to cut unnecessary parts of your photo leaving your beautiful face.

If you have image files in some rare formats (VDA, ICB, CRW, SRF) you have to convert them to more popular formats. Otherwise it's often impossible to view them without special software.

Watermarks are the easiest way to protect your copyright in the web. Besides, they are good just to add your comments to each photo.

Factory Image Converter can do all those things in few clicks. We took into closest consideration our users' comments and enhanced the tool with only those options that most people need. The interface is very user-friendly and additional skins allow you to tune the software to your taste.

Find full list of features here. Or download the free trial version and test it yourself. You may purchase registration key later.

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