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"The reason I bought your image converter is because I work in optical engineering research, and I do a lot of image processing using programs such as Matlab. Matlab did not have a function to convert images from png to bmp and I did not have the time to write a function to do so myself."
Jennifer Ward

How to open a canon .cr2 photo file?

When you select the RAW to take pictures on Canon camera, they are saved as a CR2 file. CR2 files are not very popular and are seldom supported by image viewers. PhotoShop can open CR2 files with a special plugin (Adobe Camera Raw Plug-in 3.7 can be found in PhotoShop downloads).

Besides, you can use Canon's DPP software bundled with the camera. If you find that too hard, try Factory Image Converter. It can view CR2 file and convert them to more popular image formats like TIFF or JPEG.

Note that the same question was asked by a Canon user on this forum. Factory Image Converter was chosen for this purpose among other products. Please, try it out for free.