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What is PAF?

Audio Format Description

PAF stands for PARIS Audio Format, a native format for Ensoniq PARIS digital audio editing system. PARIS is an acronym for Professional Audio Recording Integrated System, a software produced by the American electronics company and manufacturer Ensoniq Corporation.

PARIS is a fully integrated digital audio recording system which includes all the latest and most advanced components needed to record, edit and mix digital audio at a professional level. In short, it may be called a complete recording studio. The best part is that it is a cross-platform program. In other words, it may be used on any system – whether Windows or Macintosh.

PAF files, with the file extension of ‘.paf’, are the audio files that are used with PARIS. A PAF file can contain 8, 16, or 24 bit of data in mono or stereo, but the most common are the 16 or 24 bit mono.

PAF files can be converted to MP3, WAV, AAC or other audio formats with Factory Audio Converter.

User-friendly PAF Converter

  • PAF to WAV in batch
  • PAF to MP3 in batch
  • PAF to AAC in batch
  • Very flexible - change all settings as you like
  • Great easy-to-use interface
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