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pcd converter Kodak digital cameras make shots in PCD format that has excellent compression facilities but poorly supported by photo processing applications. You can convert your PCD files to any other graphic format using Factory Image Converter.

This PCD batch converter is very convenient for processing either one or many files at a time. Thanks to handy user interface it takes you about a minute to export all required images into desired format. Factory Image Converter supports different target formats, including the following:

  • PCD to JPEG
  • PCD to BMP
  • PCD to PXM
  • PCD to TIFF
  • PCD to GIF
  • PCD to PDF
  • PCD to ICO
  • PCD to PNG
  • The mechanism of converting photos into any of these formats is the same. Program’s window is divided into zones that are properly numerated according to the order of conversion steps:

    1. Select folder: here you need to click on the folder where sources are located.
    2. Select files: here you need to define which images are going to be converted. If you convert PCD in batch, check off all required images at once by putting a mark into top left corner of image thumbnail. If all images from the folder should be converted, use ‘Check All’ feature. There is also an ability to check sources by mask.
    3. Convert to: here you need to choose the mode of PDC converter, i.e. the format you would like to export images to.

    After this you will see the settings window offering you to customize the conversion parameters. Depending on the chosen format, this image converter provides different settings. For instance, if you convert PCD images to JPEG, you can resize, crop or rotate images, compress them and choose specific colour space. Otherwise, you can use automatic settings with no manual adjustments.

    Factory Image Converter is an utmost solution for making PCD photos more suitable for your specific purposes. Try it now in free trial!

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