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If you have to deal with SDS files on a regular basis, Factory Audio Converter will save you the necessity of looking for tools that support this specific format. In other words, you can use this converter as an SDS converter and have your SDS collection converted in a matter of minutes. This audio converter has a number of advanced features, which include a built-in audio player, wizard, batch mode, command line support and a CD ripper. You can convert as many files in one go. Just set it to convert hundreds of files and go to bed. You will find them all converted when you wake up in the morning!

What is SDS?

SDS files can be opened by the following tools: Apple QuickTime Player (both Windows and Mac OS), FMJ Software Awawe Studio and Nullsoft Winamp Media Player. In fact, SDS is similar to WAV, except for its modified header. However, few of the most common players read this format; therefore, it is best converted to MP3, WMA, WAV or any other compressed format.

Using the SDS Converter

convert sds filesIt takes only a few simple steps to convert SDS files to MP3. Launch the utility and select a folder with SDS files. If you would like to convert one or few files, check them manually. If you wish to batch-convert, click Select All to have all the SDS files checked automatically. Specify your target format.

Use the wizard to specify conversion parameters. You can either use the default settings or select your own settings to achieve better sound quality. Check the output quality with the built-in audio player. Click Start to convert. Factory Audio Converter seamlessly integrates into Windows, so you can convert SDS fils from the desktop via the right-button popup menu. Right-click on a SDS file and click Convert to.

Factory Audio Converter is readily available online. There is a free trial version for beginners, which you can use for 30 days. If you buy the license version, you will receive free technical support and upgrades on a regular basis. We are ready to consider your remarks and suggestions any time. We employ a team of professional software developers who work around the clock to make the best of our products.