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How To Select MP3 Folder

Ok, you want to convert your MP3 files to other formats (say, AAC for your cell phone). You launch Factory Audio Converter and try hard to find the source folder with MP3's. It's quite easy. The left panel of the main window displays your file tree. These are all the folders and files on your hard drive.


If you placed your MP3 folder to the desktop just click the Desctop image (DesktopMP3). If you use some other folder on your hard drive than go to My Computer - disk C and find it there. If the folder contains subfolders you will see the plus box near it. Click it to see the subfolders as well.

Factory Audio Converter can convert MP3 files that are located on other drives as well. Select any drive and the contents of it will be displayed in the main panel (in case there are any audio files).

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