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Not sure what format to choose? Refer to our Articles section to find more info on them. And we will help you to convert to this format.

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Audio, image and video formats are not an easy thing to understand. There are so many of them. There are even more programs to view, convert, resize these files. Will this software do what you need? In most cases you have to try and find it out yourself.

Not in our case. We offer you a friendly hand holding whether you ask about features or have problems installing software. We value all our customers no matter if you have already purchased the product or just are going to test it.

Not sure if the converter will do your job? Ask us! We will answer you shortly, usually within one business day.

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FAQ - How to questions

I am very impressed with the personal support offered by your company. I buy all of my software online, and no other company that I have dealt with even comes close. The only suggestion I have is to keep doing exactly what you are doing. I did contact support earlier today and they did respond with an answer very quickly. Thanks again for a fine product and web site.
Robert Maul

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