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Convert TTA to MP3

tta to MP3It has long been a challenge for PC users to find a versatile and user friendly audio converter. Software developing companies have long been working hard on this issue. Finally, they have come up with a great solution. Factory Audio Converter now carries the palm in usability, effectiveness and versatility.

Audio converter supports about 30 audio formats, not all of which can be recognized by standard players or devices. It converts from these formats to MP3, MP4,WAV, WMA, APE, MPC, OGG, AAC, and FLAC. By aid of this converter, you can convert TTA files to any of these formats.

The greatest thing about the program is that it does not take any special knowledge. You will be able to freely operate it after just one try. All you have to know is your input format and your target format. The procedure involves but a few simple actions on your part; the program will do the rest automatically.


Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

How to Convert TTA to MP3

In order to convert TTA to MP3, launch the utility and select the folder with TTA files in the folder tree. There will be a list of TTA files contained in it. Check one or several files that you with to convert to MP3.

Factory Audio Converter features batch function, by aid of which you can render scores of files in your desired format with just one click of a button. Use Check all button to check-mark all the files automatically.

When you have specified your files, click MP3. The Wizard will guide you through the rest of the procedure. It will help you select destination folder and adjust file properties, such as bit rates, sample rates and channels. These parameter will be intact every next time you use the program, until you change them. The built-in audio player will help you achieve better sound quality. You can also cut one big track into several smaller pieces and save them as separate MP3 files.

Factory Audio Converter integrates into Windows. You can use the right-button menu and convert TTA files to MP3 right from the desktop. Command line support permits you to manage files from within other applications. This MP3 converter is shareware. It is available for online purchase. There is also a 30-day trial version, which you can download right now and use throughout the trial period. Registered users will receive free tech support and upgrades.