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A VOB, also known as a DVD Video Object file, is a file that contains several streams - Video, Audio (normally AC3 format), Subtitles, and Menu contents – all multiplexed together in one container format. This container format is in turn contained in DVD Video media. In other words, VOB files are the core files in DVD Video discs and contain the actual movie data.

VOB files in a DVD are grouped together in groups called “titles”. The number of “titles” in a DVD depends on the features of the DVD. Hence, if you see VOB files on a DVD numbered as vts_xx_y.vob (where xx and y are numbers), it means there are xx titles and y is the part of the title. In all, there can be 99 titles and 10 parts.

A VOB file is similar to an MPEG-2 file in the sense that it contains all that an MPEG-2 file contains, with the exception that VOB contains two other files – ‘.ifo’ and ‘.bup’ (backup of a file which is created when a program crashes or the original file becomes corrupt and should be restored). This is why all VOB capable players can play MPEG-2 files, but an MPEG-2 capable player cannot play a VOB file. But since it is easy to manually change a VOB file into an MPEG-2 file, the interchange of players becomes possible.

VOB files can be played by almost any conventional video player. They can be played on Macintosh using Apple DVD player, MPlayer, and VLC Media Player; on Linux using Xine, MPlayer, and VLC Media Player; and on Windows using CyberLink Power DVD, Media Player Classic (MPC), VLC Media Player, and Nero Showtime.