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What is VOC?

Audio Format Description

VOC is the file extension for Creative Voice audio file format. Created by Creative Labs especially for their Sound Blaster cards, the VOC file has been optimized for IBM compatible computers.

Since Sound Blaster uses 8 bit cards, VOC was initially limited to unsigned 8 bit PCM and ADPCM data. Later when Creative introduced their 16 bit cards, VOC was expanded to include 16 bit formats as well.

The VOC file format is made up of a header, followed by a chunk. The header provides information of the audio samples, and the chunk contains binary data representing the sound samples. Sometimes additional chunks containing non-audio data are also added after the sound sample chunk. At other times, the audio sample data is segmented into sub-blocks and bits of silence are added. In other words, a VOC file format is capable of supporting many different kinds of sample formats and may be of variable length. It can be compressed to reduce the size. Besides its association with Sound Blaster, a VOC file is often used for audio clips, instrument sounds, and sound effects collectively known as voices.

VOC files can be played back on Winamp. To play them on iPod or mp3 player convert VOC to MP3 with Factory Audio Converter.


User-friendly VOC Converter

  • Convert VOC to WAV, MP3, AAC, APE, FLAC, OGG, MPC, WMA.
  • VERY intuitive 3-step interface
  • Built-in wizard to help you make the settings
  • Batch mode: convert any number of .VOC files at a time
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