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Video Formats For Beginners

This is a quick overview of popular video formats.
  • AVI - this is most common file extension for video files. But AVI is not a format but a container for formats like MPEG, DivX, H264 and others.
  • MPEG is a widely used multimedia format. It creates video of high quality to be stored on computers. Usually MPEG files of high quality are of large size not suitable for the web.
  • WMV files are often found in the web. Their quality is not perfect but the size is small enough.
  • RM or Real Media format was created for the web. The files are small in size but the quality is also low.
  • 3GP is the video format of mobile devices such as cell phones. These files are usually small and the quality is good for 3 inch screen.
The size of a file is always a compromise for quality. The better quality leads to larger size. Qulity is crucial for home DVD players but can be less important for the web.