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My Format Factory
Factory Movie Converter will convert video files to PS3 standards for you in 3 simple steps.

Transfer Video Files From My PC To My PS3

Video games are quite popular today. It's hard to find a teenager in the US or Europe who never tried any video game. But video games and video files have something in common. So PS3 can act as a video player as well.

If you have a PC, a TV and a PS3 but no video player you can use PS3 to play video files. But the files should be of certain types. To make any video file compatible with PS3 you need to convert it. You don't have to remember exact parameters if you use Factory Movie Converter. This video converter has built-in Video-To-Device option, which makes the process of conversion most comfortable. You select the video files and press convert to PS3. Factory Movie Converter will make all the setting automatically. Advanced users still may change any parameter if they like. If you are not computer-savvy you just leave everything as is and press Start button. In few minutes (or hours if your movie is really long) you burn your video to a CD or DVD and enjoy it on TV.

Our users say:

Your video converter is great! Converting video to PS3 was a solution to me - I have a video player in another room and don't have to purchase another one for my room. Thank you!

Warren Mackey