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Convert WAVE to MP3

wave to MP3Factory Audio Converter is an innovative tool intended for converting files of different formats to MP3, WMA, MP4, FLAC, APE, OGG, MPC and MP4. With the inception of this new program, many users have taken the sigh of relieve, since the tool supports many formats other converters do not.

This is one of the user friendliest and most powerful conversion tools ever. It supports around 30 audio formats and does the job very quickly. Besides, it does not require much effort on your side or large background with conversion software. Its easy-to-follow interface speaks for itself. It is laid out in such a way that you know your every next action.

This WAV MP3 converter has a few advanced elements that put it high above all other converters combined. Batch function permits you to convert as many files as you with with just one click of a button. The built-in audio player allows you to listen to your tracks prior to conversion and ensure good sound quality. The CD ripper will help you get your CD collection onto your portable device.


Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

How to Use The Audio Converter

There is nothing easier than this. Launch the tool and select the folder with WAVE files. Check the files you would like to convert and click MP3 If you wish to convert all the files contained in the folder, click Check all. All the files will be check-marked automatically. To batch-convert them, click MP3.

The Wizard will prompt you the settings. However, this requires a tiny bit of experience. If you are not sure, skip it. When you have made your settings, click Start. That's it! Factory Audio Converter converts WAVE to MP3 from the desktop. It integrates into the right-button popup menu. To convert a file to MP3, right-click on it and select Convert to. Then follow the procedure described above. With the help of command line support, you can convert files from within other utilities.

This audio converter is available online. You can either buy it right now or download the free trial version and use it for 30 days. If you buy the license version, you will receive free tech support and upgrades on a regular basis. Please, feel free to contact us and make your suggestions.