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Convert WMA to APE

convert wmaLooking for a good audio converter to make your audio collection compatible with your Apple player? Your search ends here. You must have used lots of audio converters so far but things seem pretty hard. Forget about the hard times! You have found a solution.

Software developers have developed a versatile audio converter, by aid of which you can solve all your compatibility problems in seconds. It converts WMA to APE with ease. Besides, it supports over 30 source audio formats and converts to APE, FLAC, MP3, MP4, WAV, OGG, MPC and AAC. If you have a lot of WMA files to convert to APE, use batch option.

Factory Audio Converter features a CD ripper, built-in audio player and command line support.


Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

How to Use Our WMA Converter

Converting WMA to APE is easy. All you have to do is select your files and select the target format.

In order to convert WMA, run the converter and select the folder with your WAV files. Then check the tracks you need to convert to APE and click WMA in the toolbar above, or use the Convert menu. If you need to convert WMA to APE in batch, click Check All. All the files in the folder will be checked automatically.

The wizard will offer you default settings, but you can specify your own parameters to ensure your desired sound quality. Select your preferred sample rate, bitrate and channel. Use the built-in audio player to check the quality. When you are through with the settings, click Start. The program will finish the job in automatically. Send your files to your Apple player. Factory Audio Converter integrates into Windows. You can convert WMA to APE your files right from the desktop. Right-click on a WMA file and select Convert to.

Factory Audio Converter can be purchased online. You can download the free trial version and use it for 30 days. If you buy the license version, you will receive free technical support and upgrades on a regular basis. We a a customer-oriented group. Please, contact us and tell us what you like or do not like about our program, so we can tailor it to suit your needs.

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