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convert wmaFactory Audio Converter is an ideal tool for converting WMA to MP4. It supports more than 30 audio formats, and converts to MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC, OGG, MPC and APE.

So far, this is the handiest and most powerful audio converter ever found. Its easy-to-follow user interface is a pleasure to work with. All functions, menus and buttons are readily seen. Therefore, you will not have any difficulties even if this is the first time you are ussing this WMA converter. By aid of Factory Audio Converter, you can rip CD and make it compatible with any portable player. The program features a built-in audio player, so you can listen to your tracks prior to and after conversion.


Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

How to Use Our WMA Converter

There is nothing tricky about using it. All you need to do is launch the interface and select the folder with your WMA files. Click on the folder in the folder tree on your left. A list of files will appear on the screen. Check the files that you wish to convert and select MP4 in the toolbar of Format menu. If you wish to batch-convert, click Check All and select the target format. The program is almost as quick to convert dozens of files as it is to deal with one file.

The wizard will guide you through conversion process. It will offer you the most optimal conversion settings. However, if you have your own quality standard, use other variants. Sound quality depends on your selected channel, bit rate and sample rate. Do not forget to use the built-in audio player When you are through with settings, click Start. Audio Converter integrates into Windows, so it is possible to convert WMA to MP4 right from the desktop. Command line support is available for registered users.

Factory Audio Converter is shareware. You can either download the free trial version and convert WMA for 30 days or purchase it right now. Free tech support and upgrades are available for registered users only. Please, do not take descriptions on trust. Use the demo version to see how it works!

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