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Convert WMA to MPC

wma to mpcFactory Audio Converter converts from more than 30 different audio formats and therefore is known to be the most versatile and powerful audio converter. It is possible to convert WMA to MPC too. MPC compression is one of the most preferred ones for the simple reason it uses a very fast and effective encoding/decoding pattern with little, if any, detriment to sound quality.

With Factory Audio Converter, converting WMA to MPC is no great problem. It converts files in batch and does not require any special background. Even novice users usually figure it out in seconds due to the program's robust and user friendly interface.


Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

Is Converting Easy?

Yes, it is! There are just a couple of simple steps to perform to convert WMA files in MPC. Run the utility and select a folder with WMA files stored in it. Then click on the folder, so that a list of files appears on the right. Now you need to specify the files that you wish to convert to MPC. Check-mark one or more files or press Check All button to check-mark the entire WMA collection.

When you have specified your tracks for conversion, it is advisable to make your settings. This is done in order to improve sound quality. Click MPC in the format toolbar above or Convert menu. The wizard's window will open.

Here you can select your preferred bit rate, sample rate or channel. This requires some knowledge and experience. If you are not sure, skip it and use the default settings. Click Start. This is all you need to do. The program will do the rest. If you need to convert many files, you can set it up and go to bed. The task will be completed by the time you wake up!

This WMA MPC converter has a built-in audio player, which you can use to ensure good sound quality. The CD-ripper permits you to save your CD collection in MPC and other formats. You can launch this WMA converter from within any other program via command line. Because it integrates into the right-button popup menu, you can convert WMA to MPC right from the desktop.

Factory Audio Converter is readily available online. You can buy it right now or try the 30-day demo version. If you have purchased the tool, you will receive regular upgrades and technical supports for free.

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