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Convert WMA to AAC

wma to aacAAC is a kind of lossy compression format that boasts increased flexibility, broader range of sample rates and frequencies and therefore better sound quality. It is expected to take up the torch from MP3 in the foreseeable future. It is also the default format for iPod, iTunes and iPhone. Therefore, many users prefer to convert their WMA collections to AAC rather than MP3.

If you are still wondering whatever kind of converter you need to render your WMA files in AAC, there are three words you need to hear right now: Factory Audio Converter.

This audio converter boasts a handful of advance features not found in other converters. It will save you the hard time of picking WMA files one by one, since it has batch mode. By aid of this function, you can convert WMA to AAC in but a few clicks.


Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

Tips on How to Use This WMA AAC Converter

Converting is sheer fun. The converter has a robust and easy-to-follow user interface and a handy wizard. Just read the buttons and options, so you are not going to slip off the track.

Launch the tool and select the folder with WMA files in the folder tree. There will be a list of WMA files to the right of the folder tree. Check one or more files or check all of them by aid of Check All button. Then select AAC in the format toolbar or Convert menu.

The wizard will help you select conversion parameters and achieve acceptable sound quality. Here you can select your destination folder, specify your preferred bit rate, sample rate and channel. You may skip these selections and use the default settings. Settings chosen, click AAC.

This WMA AAC software tool features a built-in CD ripper, by aid of which you can save your CD collection on a hard drive. The built-in audio player will help you check sound quality. The program integrates into Windows, so you can convert WMA to AAC right from the desktop.

Factory Audio Converter is shareware. Indeed, this converter is worth a dozen of those you must have tried so far. It supports more than 30 different formats and works faster than any other conversion utility. Please, download the 30-day trial version to see how it works. Buy the license version and get free tech support and upgrades.

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