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Easy And Effective WAV to MP3 Converter

WAVtoMP3 WAV and WMA are the two most often used audio formats. Though they can't be beaten by MP3, which is today the most widely accepted format. So if you want to take your music to the car or portable payer you definitely need a good WMA to MP3 converter as well as WAV to mp3 converter

Factory Audio Converter is nothing but easy and user-friendly solution. We have developed it to provide anyone possibility to listen to the music in those audio formats you prefer. It is not a secret that PC media players as well as mp3 players, iPods and etc can not read and play all audio formats that exist today. So test our converter. And feel the advantages of this application in comparison with other similar solutions.


Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

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  • You will get the solution that supports converting from any known files format into the most popular and widely used. Being a great WAV to MP3 converter Factory Audio Converter is not limited to converting wav or wma files only. It supports a great lot of audio format including rare ones. Thus having downloaded new album of your favorite band in strange VOC format you will be able to hear it instead of searching the proper converter in the web.

    Furthermore you will not lose the quality of the music converted as it often happens with other converters.

    WAV to mp3 converter provides you:

    The quite simple and user-friendly interface. It will guide you throughout the whole process of the file converting. And help you to make this process as fast and secure as it possible. Thus don't be afraid of possibility to remove some important audio file by accident or having done something wrong. The program will help to avoid this. Just try out wma to mp3 converter and you will see there is nothing easier and safer than it. You will surely like this application for its capabilities and efficiency. Download your free trial copy now and test it our for 30 days. You are sure to come back and get the key later.