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What shall I do with CDA files?

First, what is a CDA file? CDA files do not contain pulse code modulation (PCM) information, and hence they can only be played from a CD-ROM. They only represent CD audio data and they cannot be played even after you have copied from a CD to a hard disk. However, you can launch a CDA file if you have a CD in your CD-ROM. You cannot play a CDA file saved on your hard drive without converting it to MP3, WAV, WMA etc. Therefore, some specialists say they are not actually audio files. The only way to test a CDA file is to either play a different CDA file from your CD-ROM or play a CDA file from a different CD-ROM.

CDA format is intended for storing audio data on commercial compact disks. CD audio requires 44.1 kHz sample rate and 16 bit sample size (2 bytes per sample). To calculate the amount of bytes per second required to record a mono tract, multiply the sample frequency rate by the amount of bytes per sample (44,1 x 2 = 88,200). The result is the amount of bytes per second required to record a mono track. A stereo track will require twice that amount.

Why Rip CD to Smaller Size Files?

Commercial CDs can hold a very limited amount of tracks. With various audio compression tools available, you can save 10 times more files on a CD or your hard drive. To rip your CDA files, insert an audio disk into your CD-ROM and use Windows Media Player. Also, there are more convenient tools that ensure best quality conversion with an opportunity of selecting bit rate, frequency and other conversion parameters.

Tools to Rip Your CDA Files With

CDa converterTo convert CD data to smaller formats, you can use Factory Audio Converter. This is but the handiest, most versatile and compact audio file converter imaginable. The Converter supports a handful of audio formats and the list of target formats includes MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, APE, FLAC, MP4, MPC and AAC. The program's intuitive interface makes it easy for a less experienced user to grasp its basics no time. Wizard will guide you through the process by asking you questions.

Factory Audio Converter allows for batch conversion. You can render many files in any format you like as fast as one file. The program enables you to simultaneously rip CD tracks and render them in your needed extension. You can run this program from within other applications via command line.

FreeRip is another user friendly audio conversion tool. With the help of FreeRip you can render CD tracks in MP3, WMA, WAV, Vorbis and FLAC formats. FreeRip permits you to choose any of these formats as default. With FreeRip you can tag your files and create playlists, so that you can save your music in an organized way and access it easily.

Both Factory Audio Converter and FreeRip can be downloaded online. Once you have purchased a full version of a product, you are entitled to all sorts of technical support. You can download a free trial version that will work for a limited period of time, so that you can familiarize yourself with its basics.

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