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How to Convert XI

convert xiIf you have a knack for sampling music, this xi converter will be your faithful companion for years to come. You can ask this little friend of yours to convert as many XI files to your preferred format as you wish. It will take seconds for the converter to manage one or a few files. You can load it to convert scores of files and go to bed. Early in the morning, you will find them all converted.

For example, to convert XI to MP3, you should run the program and select the folder with XI files stored in it. Check the files you need to convert. If you would like to convert one or a few files, check them manually. If you would like to batch-convert, click Check All.

Select MP3 in the format menu or in the format bar. The wizard will help you make your settings. It will offer you the most appropriate sample rate, bit rate and channel. You can either leave the default settings and hence the sound quality or specify your own settings. Use the audio-player to check the sound quality. Click Start to convert. This audio converter has command line support, so you can launch it from within any other program.

Factory Audio Converter is shareware. Buy it right now and get all our tech support and updates for free. Please, do not take descriptions on trust. Download the free 30-day trial version and see how easy it is.

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