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What is XVID?

Video Description Format

Xvid is a video codec that follows the MPEG-4 standard. Designed by a group of volunteer programmers specially to compete with the DivX standard, it is an open source and free video codec used by programmers all over the world. Xvid has been released under the GNU GPL license.

The Xvid codec is used to compress digital video data to reduce the size of the file for transmission over the internet or storage on CDs and DVDs. It is much like a ZIP for video, except that it is lossy. In other words, some data is lost during compression, and hence the decompressed data is not identical to the original. Since the data lost is the unimportant one, the difference is not visually perceptible. The compression ratio of an Xvid file is usually 200:1. So a video file that is about 100 GB per hour, can be compressed to a file of 500 MB per hour. The encoding and decoding speed of an Xvid file is also extremely fast.

Due to this high compression scheme and fast speed, Xvid has become a very popular video format today, especially for archiving family home videos on CDs and DVDs. As a result, most digital cameras and DVD players today are Xvid compatible. Xvid is also widely used on media players and mobile phones. Another popular use of this file is in sending video clips over the internet to share with friends and relatives.

Since Xvid is free, easily available, and optimized for all the latest features of PC processors and other decoders, the file can run on many different platforms and is supported by most video related applications. Also, since Xvid follows the MPEG-4 ASP (Advanced Simple Profile) compression scheme, the file can also be opened with any MPEG-4 ASP compliant decoder.